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The Only System With "AI" Smart Enough to Know What Device Your Customers Are Using... PC/MAC

and sends them to different places based on that information...Automatically

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Residential Roofing Roofing Services in Houston

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Arrives Instantly at Call Screen With Your Phone Number or Your Website
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Top 4 Ways To "Connect" With Potential Clients

Tap To Call

Now a potential customer can "tap" on your image post & instantly & automatically call you. They can listen to a pre-recorded message if you prefer. Think of the possibilities!

Tap To Email

A "Tap" instantly opens customer's email client & sends YOU an email with pre-populated "To", "Subject" Line, and short "Body" message to claim your offer.
Their name & email addresses are seamlessly captured so "follow up" marketing can occur.

Tap to Download

A "tap" can send PDF's, files, audio or video messages to your potential customers.

Tap To Website

A "Tap" can direct your customer to ANY website you desire, instantly.

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